If you spend any time searching for homes online, you’ve probably noticed that real estate sites have all taken an almost identical approach toward how they do home search. From offering the same way to search and filter to displaying similar results, all of the major real estate portals are basically doing the same thing.In reality, no consumer takes the same path to find their dream home, and each journey is different. So why should all real estate search sites present the same, cookie-cutter results?  In addition many of the search results are out of date, either pending or closed, and not available.

As Members of the Greater Syracuse Assoc. of REALTORS we can provide a customized property search that will send you listings within minutes of entry into the MLS in addition our search will update with new information (ie.  price change, listing status change…etc) as soon as it is entered into the MLS.  When you see a home that interests you let us know and we will arrange a showing convenient to your schedule.  In addition, our brokerage model includes a 10% commission rebate issued after closing.  Visit www.listingcompanycny.com for rebate details and restrictions.

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