First and foremost we don’t pay franchise fees to out of town corporations.  Franchising includes a number of fees including, but not limited to, the  actual franchise fee that is generally 6-8% of each commission dollar earned per sale, a start up fee usually $10K to $100K per office/location,  technology fees, marketing fees, desk fees and whatever other fees (revenue devices) the franchise company can come up with.  The internet, along with readily available online software has allowed even the smallest real estate broker access to the same services, programs, and reach as the largest franchise companies.  In addition the internet has greatly reduced the need for expensive offices (overhead) as most of the real estate transaction is now processed online and REALTORS® are primarily working from home and a variety of mobile devices.  That’s how we can offer rebates:  no franchise fee, leveraging marketing and management software, and keeping overhead low.